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InSight: Kre8tif2020

by Mookie Tamara

As newcomers to the creative IP, we really had no idea what to expect from Kre8tif. We always wanted to seriously get into creating our own content but didn’t know where to start or if what we had was even good enough to be considered by producers. We saw Kre8tif as that starting point we can make mistakes at and learn from and we couldn’t have asked for a better starting point.

The panel we got was very constructive and helpful. They gave us useful insight and some tools to help us move forward and improve our work for the future. And listening to what they thought of other pitches was also really helpful in understanding the broader scope of the market.

The most important thing we took away from Kre8tif would be that we have a long way to go before we can really call ourselves content creators. We’ve only begun creating and we’ve only really scratched the surface of what we need to do to get our project off the ground. We’re ready to take this on slowly and carefully if that’s what we need to make this successful. While time is an important aspect in creating, we feel that we shouldn’t rush things out the gate given our relative inexperience. 

We got our feet wet and that’s really all we could ask for at this point. Improving and going deeper is something we intend to do in the future when we feel our IP is ready for it.


Mookie Tamara and Karla Circe, who collectively call themselves meowsemouse were part of the PH Delegation to Kre8tif 2020, held virtually from Sept 7-10. Their animated short film, My Brother is a Rooster, was part of the Elevator Pitching Platform.

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