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Ma-A’YOng buntag! SIKAP hosts virtual event with creative industry champions

On February 26,2021, despite the challenges creative industries face during this economic crisis and Covid-19 pandemic, The Creative Content Association of the Philippines or better known as SIKAP, hosts its first virtual event entitled, A'yo.

The event will be featuring some of the industry's best minds both local and abroad via a new platform called Airmeet.

Because some of the participants might not be familiar to using Airmeet, SIKAP has also called upon one of its members and original IP creator Digital Guro Tutorials to help create a short carousel tutorial to guide the participants for this event.

If you happen to be invited, please refer to the short step-by-step guide below.

This initiative hopes to foster cooperation, nation-building and goodwill for fellow colleagues in the Philippine Creative Industry especially in these trying times of the global pandemic.

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